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Jul 07, 2022


TenderCush products have been specially designed for women following breast cancer surgery.

Each item offers comfort and support at a time of need, better enabling women to carry on with everyday situations.

TenderCush shaped pillow is designed to fit underarm and is ideal when sleeping, allowing you to turn on either side, aiding a good nights sleep. It can also be used when sitting at home, watching tv etc.  It is a huggable cushion now covered in lovely "cuddlesoft" fabric and with removeable cover.

TenderCush travel cushion is designed to offer comfort and support when travelling. It can also be used when moving around the house, with an adjustable shoulder strap, it can be securely fitted to protect the area required.

TenderCush shoulder bag is a truly innovative product. It has been designed to offer discreet protection when out and about. It`s fashionable and functions like a normal shoulder bag, the back of the bag is fully cushioned, with an adjustable strap, offering the wearer a feeling of comfort and protection, while not looking out of place.

Please see further details on individual Products pages. 


TenderCush products are protected by patent and design registration.

TenderCush is a Registered TradeMark 



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