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Jul 07, 2022


Thank you to all who have bought TenderCush products either to use yourself or as a gift for a loved one, and thank you for all your kind comments.

"I would just like to thank Sheila for designing the TenderCush Shaped Cushion which is giving me great relief following my recent breast cancer surgery and axillary node clearance. The cushion's design means it fits snugly to give relief wherever it's needed- the back of my arm, armpit and breast area. I use it throughout the day and it is perfect to sleep with. Because it is huggable, it also gives a sense of reassurance if I am feeling a bit emotional. It was very kindly bought for me as a gift, and I would not be without it." Thank you, Regards, Michelle Cross, Lancashire.

A special thanks to the following TenderCush customers for allowing us to share their words with you.

" I actually had my last surgery some years ago but later developed lymphodema in my arm and chest wall. I spent years wrestling with a pillow at night to support my arm and relieve the pressure on my reconstructed breast. Then by chance I came across an article about Sheila Logan and TenderCush. I ordered a TenderCush Shaped Cushion and the first night I used it had the most comfortable sleep I've had in years. It's just the right shape and size to manoeuvre easily when turning over and small enough to be able to pack easily for holidays. No more worrying about how I'll be able to get comfortable sleeping in a strange bed. Such a relief. Sheila's service is both efficient and personal. I can only speak for the Shaped comfort cushion but I hope many others get the opportunity to appreciate the comfort and relief this product has given me. Thank You
Sally Middleton Lincolnshire

" I just wanted to write and let you know that I am getting great use out of my TenderCush. Not only am I using in the way it was intended, but thought I thought I should let you know that it's also an ideal shape for using when you have had "dog ear" surgery? I had both sides done and the scars are approx 6 inches long making it impossible (even now) to lie comfortably on my sides in bed. Well... The TenderCush fits perfectly around the scar on my hip allowing me lie on my sides. Just thought you should know that in case this hasn't been mentioned before. The TenderCush came delightfully packaged and thanks so much Sheila for having designed a product which has made my recovery process a lot easier to deal with. I would not be without it.
Karen Lee Gourley

" I received my Tendercush about 10 days ago now, loved the packaging and the lovely soft pink cover! I could not wait to use it so took it to bed with me that same evening. I have to say that my arm has not felt as comfortable for a long long time! I had surgery for breast cancer 11 years ago, a lumpectomy and axillary clearance followed by all the usual treatments and medications. My left breast and arm pit have constantly been painful, numb and sore since my surgery. In hot weather even more so! I like to sleep on my left side and was finding that the sore numb feeling in my left arm pit was waking me up and was so uncomfortable. Since using my new Tendercush I have had no disturbed nights sleep and my arm has felt a whole lot better, even during the day. I never thought I would have such a comfortable nights sleep again but my new cushion from Sheila has worked wonders. Thank you so much, I highly recommend Tendercush to anyone who has recently had breast surgery or who had it a few years ago as I did. Thank you."

Alison Smith. Dumfries & Galloway

" I was given the 2 cushions as a present and would like to also thank you. Each cushion has been a great help in aiding comfort and confidence.   The softness of the fabric is wonderful and I may well need weaning from them when they are no longer actually needed. Thank You for making an idea a reality." 

Val Chapman, Staffs

"I would like to say thank you for your wonderful product. I bought both cushions recently and your motto ‘comfort from discomfort’ is so very true.  Just over four weeks ago I had a left breast mastectomy and total left lymph node clearance as I had a grade 3 cancer in the left breast and in some of the lymph nodes.  Since having the surgery the cushions have made sleeping, working, travelling and relaxing so much more comfortable.  I would not be without them.  

Once again, thank you.  Very kind regards"

Helen I, East Sussex

"Items were delivered quickly. Service was personal and efficient. My friend was delighted with the products and said the bag was both ‘lovely’ and ‘comfy’.  

Sheila went above and beyond and sent a free sample cushion when the one I ordered was out of stock"

June H, Dumbarton



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